Implosion Swirling Part I

by instahellfire





Implosion Swirling (Part I)
Brian Tenneson

hickory dickory dock
tick tock goes the lock
tock tick he said, reversing the perception
same image viewed differently and from an alternate perspective
set course for the shortest route through the maze of torment, maximum warp

Lucifer’s tongue is so wicked, it is octofurcated like the arrows of chaos.

proportions constrained, intuitive madness
dis-ease of the conduit
polluted be by contortions of the
constrained proportions
blown way out of constraints, restraints.
implosion swirling, smoke receding down the invent horizon.
drawn by a singular thought hole
a perfectly asymmetrical symmetry of nonduality
any further commentary would be superfluous.
discernment of the underlying patterns of so called chaos
survival of the fittest to implode
it doesn’t give a shit about you
impersonal as a hammer smashed mind splitting infinity of nothingness
voices of pseudoreason echoing across the chasm, a natural organism.

a supposed future lost.
is memory an illusion as well? if so, change it to suit
your whimsical foundation of spider webs.
is it all a lucid dream or as real as a nuclear blast?
shoved down the now plugged rabbit hole. make it stop!
cyclical is a pattern indeed.
tools of the trade: reflection, shove it, drink it, shatter it, spit on it, devour it, digest it, excrete it, rinse and repeat all over again until the final
whispering implosion…


released July 6, 2015
Brian Tenneson



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instahellfire Missoula, montana

Just a simple man making my way through space and time.

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